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Forests for Friends Ltd
CH-8750 Glarus

Facts and Figures
Company    Forests for Friends Ltd
Legal form Incorporated company with seat in Glarus, Switzerland
Registration registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Glarus under the number CH- (excerpt of Commercial Register, German only, PDF, 1.4 MB)
Kind of share Nominal share
Nominal value 100 Swiss Francs
Number of paid-up shares 52'710 shares
Admitted capital     5,271,000 Swiss Francs
Quotations not quoted
We do not plan to go public.
Characteristiqus   Long-term investment
Committed to the sustainability criteria
Tax value The regulations vary according to the shareholder’s domicile.
Dividend strategy No dividends will be paid for the next years
Participations Forests for Friends Ltd owns 100 % of Forests for Friends Panamá Inc.

The plantation Agua Frķa (CoR, 11/2010)

The plantation in Agua Fria, planted in 2005,
photographed in January 2007