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Committed to sustainability
We consider it very important to manage our plantations in a sustainable manner. This applies to the classic three columns of sustainability: social commitment, ecological responsibility and an adequate profit.

It is very important to be embedded in the social structures in Panama. We want to employ local labourers and treat and pay them correctly. As far as possible, all contracts will be managed locally, and the labourers’ skills should be enhanced.
Half of Forests for Friends’ shareholders are small investors who originally purchased one or two tenths of a hectare. We will make a point of treating them with as much care as the larger investors.

Teak plantations protect the primary forests, as they take away the pressure to fell teak in the rainforests. It is important that the plantations are managed in an ecologically responsible manner.
Regarding the later sale of timber, we believe that only FSC-certified teakwood can be marketed. Since the end of 2007,
some of our plantations are certified. (FSC-certificate (PDF, 236 KB))

A responsibly-managed business must make a profit. This is the only way to ensure that employees receive a salary, the suppliers are paid, and the community receives the necessary taxes.
How high the profit will be, we cannot say today. It depends on the growth of the teak trees and the development of the teak prices.

Labourers queuing for lunch

Ecological management also means a sensible mixing with other plants

this cayman also belongs to the plantation Torti (CoR, 11/2009)

Every plantation is managed by a foreman
(Plantation Torio, October, 2007)

On every plantation a foreman lives with his family
(Plantation Boca Chica, May, 2007)