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The shares of Forests for Friends Ltd are delivered either to the owner's bank deposit or as a printed share certificate to his address.

Every shareholder can participate in the decisions on the development of Forests for Friends Ltd and thus of the plantations. Every share has one vote in the General Meeting. As the vote cannot be split, a nominal share can only be registered in the name of one person or company.

If you sell or give away shares, you can either commission your deposit bank to transfer them or sign (endorse) the share certificate and send it to the share register to have it re-issued. The share certificate must be issued in the correct name. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that information and dividends will reach the shareholder.

The unlisted nominal shares of Forests for Friends Ltd are registered shares with restricted transferability. This means that the Board can decline certain shareholders according to the byelaws of the company. In particular, the Board can decline to enter them into the share register, if the buyer does not explicitly declare that he has bought the shares in his own name and on his own account. This is in accordance with article 685b, paragraph 3 of the Swiss Code of Obligations.

We have delegated the management of the share register to a specialist company. If you have a question or problem, please ask:

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Share register Forests for Friends Ltd.
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Share Register


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