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Forests for Friends Panamá Inc. owns 8 plantations, distributed from East to West of Panama:

Province Chiriquí

Province Veraguas

East: along the border between the provinces Panamá and Darién

BC  Boca Chica   pictures
SL   San Lorenzo 
SJ   San Juan
TO  Torio       info
ZA  Zapotal    info
AF   Agua Fría     pictures
CA   Cañazas      pictures
TR   Tortí            pictures

Out of some 1'405.46 hectares 614.09 hectares are intensely maintained. Based on extensive analyses, parts of these have been taken out of the production of quality teak. The farms that have FSC status are: Boco Chica, Tortí, Cañazas and Agua Fría. San Lorenzo, San Juan, Torio, Zapotal and part of Tortí have been harvested early from 2014 to 2016. The remaining land is being sold.

For environmental reasons, about one quarter of the area in not planted and is mostly eco-bridges and -islands where the local flora and fauna can flourish and develop. Roads are being established for maintenance and as fire breaks, and an educational garden is set up per plantation. Accommodation and sanitary installations for the labourers, depositories for the material, and a house for the foreman and his family have been built.