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Forests for Friends Group is composed of two independent firms: the mother company Forests for Friends Ltd and the daughter company Forests for Friends Panama Inc.
The company’s main aim is the sustainable management of agricultural and forestry plantations, the secuestration of CO2 on the existing plantations, and the trade of agricultural and forestry products, particularly in connexion with tropical hardwood.

Forests for Friends Ltd
is a Swiss shareholding company based in Glarus, Switzerland. It was incorporated on 20th June, 2006, in the Commercial register (excerpt of Commercial registry, German only, PDF,
1.5 MB).
The Board is responsible for the governance of the company. Management and administration is delegated to the company Vorausdenken. Over all, this will require less than one full-time position.
The management of the shares register, accounting and legal advice have been outsourced.

Forests for Friends Panama Inc.
owns large teak plantations in Panama. It is a wholly-owned daughter of Forests for Friends Ltd.
The Company is managed by the Board
composed of the members:
   Carol Franklin Engler, Ph. D., Chairman
Romano Costa, Treasurer
Rudolf Engler, Secretary