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Transparent Information
The Members of the Board and the Management commit themselves to inform the shareholders openly and transparently of all the important developments. The main media are the Annual Report, the Annual General Meeting and the log of the Annual General Meeting.
In addition we intend to inform the shareholders of
important developments by means of a "Letter to the Shareholder". 

The fundamental rights and duties are described in the stock corporation law. The co-determination of the shareholders is an important element. An Annual Report must be published annually and an Annual General Meeting must be held. The Members of the Board and the Management are available to answer shareholders’ questions at the Annual General Meeting.
The registered shareholders will receive the agenda and the proposals along with the invitation to the AGM. Those shareholders who cannot participate can participate in writing or give a power of attorney either to the Board, another shareholder or the independent representative.

Nevertheless, we know that we cannot make all the details public. If you have any concrete questions or problems, we are happy to answer them directly, either by post, e-mail or by telephone.